Investing In Molybdenum

In addition to news and commentary on the molybdenum market and companies exploring and producing molybdenum, Molybdenum Investing News also provides you with background you need for understanding the molybdenum market so you can make informed investment decisions. Please see the links below for detailed information. Please contact us if you have suggestions for other educational content you would like to see.


Introduction to Molybdenum

Despite falling off the radar for a few years, moly is quickly making a comeback in the industrial metals markets as demand heats up in step with a rebound in traditional use sectors as well as in the development of new greener and cleaner technologies.  Read more . .

Molybdenum Price

As is the case for many industrial use commodities, China is in the driver seat when it comes to influencing demand and prices. Read more . . .

World Class Molybdenum Deposits

Molybdenum is obtained from two different types of mines:  primary mines and by-product mines. By-product mines are most commonly referred to as Copper-Molybdenum ore bodies, while ‘primary’ mines focus solely on molybdenum production. Read more . . .

Moly Mining in Canada

Molybdenum exploration in Canada is heating up along with demand for the metal. Miners are looking to take advantage of China’s appetite for steel, for which moly is a vital ingredient. This article is a guide to some of the promising molybdenum projects underway in Canada.

Read more . . .

Molybdenum Investing Glossary

This glossary covers investing in junior resource companies. For the experienced investor or the newbie, you should find everything you need here. If not, let us know and we’ll research and add what you’re looking for. Read more . . .