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Moly Outlook 2015: First Half of Year May Bring Price Bump

2014 was a quiet year for the moly space, though December brought two interesting pieces of news. Looking to the future, those hoping to see a stronger moly market in 2015 may end up getting that wish in the short term, but perhaps not in the long term.

Moly Prices to Rebound by 2020?

Moly prices could be in for a boost in the next five years if the metal is buoyed up by increased consumption and production in China. A report released Thursday states that the country's moly consumption is set to hit 120,000 metric tons in 2015, reaching 135,000 MT by 2020.

Should You be Worried About Moly-99 Supply?

In short, yes. The supply situation for molybdenum-99 is precarious, and that could be a problem given that it's used to produce to technetium-99m, a key diagnostic tool used in nuclear medicine.